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But this also causes a problem as many people use multiple social networks, and it sometimes becomes difficult to keep a tab on all of them.Luckily, there are many software that let you combine multiple social networks and check them from one place.The Justice Department document, part of a presentation given in August by top cybercrime officials, describes the value of Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Linked In and other services to government investigators.It does not describe in detail the boundaries for using them.My Space requires a search warrant for private messages less than six months old, according to the company.Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes said the company has put together a handbook to help law enforcement officials understand "the proper ways to request information from Facebook to aid investigations." The Justice document includes sections about its own lawyers. Research all witnesses on social networking sites." But the government warned prosecutors to advise their own witnesses not to discuss cases on social media sites and to "think carefully about what they post." It also cautioned federal law enforcement officials to think prudently before adding judges or defense counsel as "friends" on these services.While Sopo's online profile was private, his list of friends was not. "Will not preserve data without legal process," the document says under the heading, "Getting Info From Twitter ...the bad news." Twitter did not respond to a request for comment for this story.

So, depending on which social networks you use, you can download and use corresponding software.The chief security officer for My Space, Hemanshu Nigam, said My Space doesn't want to be the company that stands in the way of an investigation."That said, we also want to make sure that our users' privacy is protected and any data that's disclosed is done under proper legal process," Nigam said.Covert investigations on social-networking services are legal and governed by internal rules, according to Justice Department officials. The Justice Department document raises a legal question about a social-media bullying case in which U. prosecutors charged a Missouri woman with computer fraud for creating a fake My Space account — effectively the same activity that undercover agents are doing, although for different purposes.The woman, Lori Drew, helped create an account for a fictitious teen boy on My Space and sent flirtatious messages to a 13-year-old neighborhood girl in his name. Louis suburb, after she received a message saying the world would be better without her.

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