Updating ms access database using vb net

If you move to SQL for example, these would become named parameters e.g.I need a a program to save the image path to my Access database. This application has an Open Button which will help you open any picture file to a Picture Box on the form using Open File Dialog. Thanks David When connecting to an Access database, you should better uses OLEDB instead of ODBC. Ole Db Command Try run = New Ole Db Command(mydb, connection) run. @GName, @LName, @Age Can you post of code as you have it. The Data Source controls are a collection of Web controls designed to provide a declarative approach to accessing and modifying data.With both of these controls you can specify the clause as properties of the Data Source controls.

Execute Non Query() Catch ex As Odbc Exception Throw ex Finally conn. I have a little bit long term self project that i was working on... An example of a simple login system can be found here: NET-with-MS-Access In this article, you also see a better syntax to use, because in your example you don't close the connection which eventually will cause problems when using Access.... Source) End Try This document, titled "Visual -Saving image path to an Access database ," is available under the Creative Commons license. NET 2.0 introduced a number of new Web controls designed for accessing and modifying data. In short, with the Data Source controls you can work with data without having to write a lick of data access code. NET 1.x, which required oft-repeated code to access data.

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Text, "'", "''") & "')" my Command = New Ole Db Command(my SQLString, my Connection) my Command.

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