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The screen below, however, is good to pay attention to, because it allows you to set the default paper size (in the US, we use letter paper, not A4 paper) and to tell Mi KTe X to install missing packages from the internet without bothering you about it.

If you are working on a computer that isn't always connected to the internet, you might want to select "Ask me first" instead of "Yes".

installation directory: "C:\Program Files\Mi KTe X 2.7" package repository: ftp://utah.edu/tex-archive/systems/win32/miktex/tm/packages/ DBlight digest: b7f01675f000d3439d7040787d0f4d75 going to download 32824436 bytes going to install 5619 file(s) (44 package(s)) downloading ftp://utah.edu/tex-archive/systems/win32/miktex/tm/packages/lzma...

There are the usual screens about accepting agreements and where to put the files, all of which have acceptable default values.

Updating A Text String In A Text Field With An Update Query If I have the following string in a text field of a table: "This is a test" can I create an update query that will change, say, the string "is" to "xyz" in the two locations where it occurs or would this require VBA? Something like this: UPDATE Table1 SET [F1] = Replace([F1], "is", "xyz") WHERE [F1] Like "*is*"; -- Allen Browne - Microsoft MVP. The partial completions table will only have a small percentage of the entire product line logged in at any one time. Prior to the evaluation of the forms, var is initialized by accessing the value stored in place. Wikipedia: Updating information - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This page documents an English Wikipedia editing guideline .

Perth, Western Australia Tips for Access users - to group, rather than allenbrowne at mvps ...compile error for newly updated miktex 2.7! It is a generally accepted standard that editors should attempt to follow, though ...

I would appreciate if there is some helpful suggestion or advice as to what to do here.

Regards, Tariq helpful suggestion or advice as to what to do here. Public Sub Get Data() ' Declare variables Dim Input Dir, Import File As String, tbl Name As String, strsql As String Input Dir = ("f:\") Import File = Dir("F:\Documents\Deployment Documentation" & "\*.txt") On Error Resume Next Do While Len(Import File) tbl Name = Left(Import File, (In Str(1, Import File, ".") - 1)) & "log" Do Cmd. .z; end ______________________________________________ Note that there is space before the THEN.

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