Updating directx on vista

I use Vista without updating it for 7 months (on my brother's laptop, for who has read my thread when I was asking for Virus help) and it's fine. There is no point of upgrading to a new OS, as I said.Not even Direct X 12, as the games still support Direct X 11 and most probably will for the next 5 years or so.Now from this thread I gather you just need to follow the instructions here ( and that will fix it for this month? And the guys at Microsoft can't do anything, because the problem is in the version of Windows Update that Vista uses, which is outdated.

It was all fine, but they decided to take the XP version, "just to be sure that nothing unexpected happens".Very very frustrating and has been like that for the last few months and seems to be getting worse.Usually everything gets updated eventually, but this month it has been a week and it's still like that.Look at Google how they stopped supporting Vista for nothing.They could have just taken the Windows 7 version of Chrome and surely it would have worked.

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