Updatepanel hidden field not updating

But on the capability of the hiddencontrol, I suggest you put it outside the updatepanel. Register Startup Script to register the javascript to update the control.and below is the code where I am trying to update one of the hidden field with my CS code.Value = "Testing Update"; But when I check the markup source in my browser, Hidden Field1 is still empty.I'm looking for the most efficient / standard way of passing data between client-side Java Script code and C# code behind an ASP. I've been using the following methods to achieve this but they all feel a bit of a fudge.

Hi, You can put the hiddencontrol into the updatepanel.If the data is known at the point the page is rendered then adding a script to create your data or setting json via a literal or similar or other variation are perfectly reasonable. If i launched a button from the client that got some data from an xml file. Then i want that finished result displayed in a pretty javascript graphical display.If, OTOH, you're trying to have a page that interacts with the server without doing a postback then that's an entirely different problem. Thats one postback where the client does not know the result until after the postback has been raised.However, by using the control, you can enable a Web page to participate in partial-page updates without writing any client script.If you want, you can add custom client script to enhance the client user experience.

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When you get that to work you probably then want to do something more asynchronous - but it will be the same json. After reading the advice here and doing some extra research i have found a new method of achieving what i wanted to do.

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