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Once a group internalizes the sets of beliefs associated with a given ideology, that ideology provides a “cognitive map” that filters the way social realities are perceived, rendering that reality easier to grasp, more coherent, and thus more meaningful.

It is for that reason that ideologies offer some measure of security and relief in the face of ambiguity—particularly in times of crisis.

Similar to other ideologies, the Salafi-jihad sharply distinguishes between its adherents and those who reject its doctrines.

Analogous to the first, explanatory function of ideology, the Salafi-jihadists’ goal is to raise awareness among Muslims that their religion has been on the wane.

Whereas Islam used to be at its peak during the first centuries of its existence, Salafi-jihadists urge Muslims to understand that the tide has turned, and that Islam is in a constant state of decline in religious, political, military, economic and cultural terms.

The final part will explain why a proper labeling of the Salafi-jihad has important policy implications.

The Functions of Ideologies Ideologies have several core functions, of which the first is to raise awareness to a particular group of people that a certain issue deserves their attention.

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Westerners are commonly described as infidels, while moderate Muslims and Arabs are labeled apostates.

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