Too picky dating

One small thing, like he forgot to call you back once or he wears stupid shoes?

If you do that a lot, it's a sign that you're looking for perfection.

Not someone who makes you feel nervous, insecure, and ignored. Discover what they’re passionate about and what makes them come alive.

A partner with a steel core of integrity is more important than one with a Ph. What type of music and art moves them, and which of their travels made a lasting impression.

Get picky about the right stuff, and you’ll be on the path to meeting your best match.

if not, start NOW), Mindy’s friends accuse of her of being too picky when it comes to dating.

Once, this guy who was the total opposite of me was pursuing me for a while.

The episode made me think: what is the difference between being way too picky and simply having high standards?

Get picky about shared values by discovering a person’s ‘whys’.

For example, ask your date about their favorite trip and why they loved it.

I kind of hate when people say someone is “too picky” just because they have standards.

I consider myself a pretty open person – I don’t really have a type and I’ve given all sorts of guys chances, some that worked out and some that didn’t.

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But at the same time, I think it’s also really important to be open to dating people who aren’t your usual “type.” Being open to new people can sometimes lead you to some awesome experiences and being too closed off can hurt you sometimes.

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