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Well I'm 19 and honestly spending time with my girlfriend is one ofthe greatest gifts of all but I know you want actual gift ideas so I can't tell you exactly what to get him because I dont know himbut evaluate his interests, what he likes, cars, anime, obey hats,etc. The boy probably wants reassurance that you like him. If he asks you why you touched him say "I like you and I want to be closer to you." He'll usually like that. If the guy likes you, you'd usually catch him looking at you, then you exchange waves, and you look down only to see him still kind of staring.

He probably doesn't have much confidence in himself. Try watching him from the corner of your eye next time(without being obvious) because chances are, he's...

Well that's a tuff one but really shes happy know with her boyfriend so what you should do is be her friend and then when they break up you can ask her out like nothing ever happened before. If you act as someone that you're not, then that relation will be a fake.

You could invite him over or out with your family for pizza or something...Go slowly though, go about 90% of the way and let her decide if she wants to go the rest of the 10. If you aren't sure who to date, tell the person your going out with that you need a little time to yourself or that you aren't sure about going out with him. You never really know when he will ask you out until he actually asks you.In other words take a little time off from your relationship. If you want to go out with him and are getting impatient, then you ask him.then you will say yeah then say do you want to go out sometime? Our relationship is strong enough that, while we can't help but be a little worried that the other has options, we're still together and don't even consider those other people. That's something you'll have to decide for yourself.if that doesn't work then say what you really feel... And depending on the type of girl she is, but if you two have been close then go for it.

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