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If a student gets sick, we want to be able to intervene immediately to get them back to class to complete their degree," Stephanie Campbell, director of student health services.

The nurses and physicians at the health service clinic provide the student body with care and information.

Burton is a senior biology, chemistry and physics triple major from Bossier City.

I also see clothes I want and don't really need, but I get them anyway." D88S932k8H Devin Owens, freshman biology major *l get money from my on-campus job, my parents and schholarships." gr^T ^u^4 j*& m D 88593248 J 12*5*32*$ A Blair David, freshman nursing major *Save money by eating in the caf. nts get and spend their Marki Lousteau, freshman nursing major "I buy gas and everyday things. I love shoes." Ryan Piggolato, freshman radiological technology major 1 spend money on food and drinks.However, Cannon and Guillory found that shopping together worked well because they found ways to reach a compromise.Guillory and Cannon were acquaintances, but not close friends when they moved in together. Mc Kay and Mahaffey have found that rooming with people who have a similar major can be very beneficial.If the illness can not be treated by the one full-lime and two part-time nurses on staff, two local internal medicine specialists, Dr. Michelle Mayeux, visit the clinic once a week and on special circumstances to treat ill students.Student Health Services, along with Counseling & Career Services and Student Support Services, facilitates an on- campus health screening to provide information about health risks three times a year.

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