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I'm dark and cloudy because I'm the type of crazy person that feels bad for serial killers.

You decide who lives and dies all the time but for you they call it medicine.

She says Derek's been hiding her like a dog hiding a bone, so she can't wait to find out all about her. Jackson wonders why he can't have the man's organs. Callie says this is why she doesn't to do this procedure: you have to live with broken bones for months for a few extra inches. Carolyn says the problem is him: he's always had very low expectations for himself. And by the way, the reason he can't get a girlfriend is not because he's short, it's because that's all he cares about. After she left, he started ramming his skull into the top of his hospital bed. the best pressure I could think of was my own body. I layed there for two hours on top of him, not moving trying to keep that dam from bursting with my own, hands and elbows, and knees... He has the maturity of a horny 15-year-old, she says, so he needs young. He couldn't get depressed over Lori leaving him, because Chuck didn't have a girlfriend and he was short. After surgery, Meredith warned him that he had no skull covering his brain on top and so he should avoid any possible damage to the area, knowing that he wanted to die in the hospital. I put turnakits on where I could, started tying arteries off with my bare hands, but the bleeding was every where, stomach, chest... The others are up and busy, so Mark can't sneak out of the house. When he's finally unconscious, which will happen, they'll take him to surgery, as two doctors' consent is enough then. The doctors leave the room and Derek says he won't let William cheat the system. His brother Gary explains that is following a surgery done in Hong Kong. Lexie explains they're cleaning since Derek's mother is coming to visit. Meredith, clamping a bottle of tequila, says mothers don't love her. Chuck says he had his legs lengthened as he was really short. Cristina and Derek come in and prep him for transport.

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She has to stay out of Bailey's way and if she has anything to say, she'll raise her hand and wait to be called on. William notices Meredith's upset at him for killing the women. They arrive at the elevator, where Bailey's also waiting with Jackson. He replies traffic violation and asks Jackson why he's here. She happened to be on a cruise that landed in Seattle, and she was planning to check out the Space Needle. She knows the drill, having given birth to 5 doctors, so she can wait and maybe meet his colleagues. On their way back to Seattle, Arizona brings up Valentine's Day.

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