Symantec mail security for microsoft exchange not updating

There is a workaround that was recommended by Symantec before the fix was made available.It continues to be used even after applying the fix, since the fix doesn't seem to be a universal remedy: The problem appears to be related to one of the above rulesets.Symantec has apparently been aware of the Symantec Mail Security problem on Microsoft Exchange for some time and has released an update that specifically addresses it (it's in version of the product).Unfortunately, some people continue to report problems even after applying the recommended update.Microsoft is aware of this issue and has published KB2938053 which has a small Exchange2013-KB2938053-Fix script to fix the issue. The cause of the issue lies in XML files containing invalid XML markup in the form of “comments” which prevents .

The subscription starts on the date Symantec issues your serial certificate, (typically a few days after your order is processed through Tech Soup Canada).

Users can sort these messages, search among them, execute allowed actions, and receive regular email reports.

If a third-party program malfunctions, it can manifest in any number of ways, not the least of which is the malfunction or failure of a Windows or Exchange Server subsystem.

After installing Exchange 2013 Service Pack 1, people reported issues with Transport Agents. Common\v4.0_15.0.847.30__31bf3856ad364e35\Microsoft.

Symptoms are that the Transport service doesn’t start or stops shortly after starting the service or you can’t install the 3rd party product.

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After running the script you should be able to start the Transport service or install 3rd party containing transport agents..

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