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The FBI quickly discovered that the barrels of their new revolvers wore quickly when used exclusively with Magnum rounds, and began to use a mix.38 Special,.38 Special P, and.357 Magnum rounds, depending on circumstances.

It is drilled and tapped for a scope mount and the grips are a red, white and blue smith wesson model 10 serial number dating pattern designed by Jerry Miculek.

(13) The serial number range does not match the number of units produced in the original.

(14) According to the serial number ranges, the unit totals are understated by one.

The Model 12 Military Police Airweight The Model 12 is essentially a Model 10 built on a light alloy version of the K frame (both round and square butts were used).

Model 10-6 serial number, d5792xx I ve owned this gun for a while and it s the. rounds were expended, the revolver used a top-break system to open it, and the shells were extracted from the chambers to allow them to be easier to remove. During 2001, Tomkins sold Smith Wesson to Saf-T-Hammer, an Arizona-based safety and security company.

Serial number is 58004xx if one of you guys could date it for me, I d appreciate. In response, Smith Wesson developed the.38-44 round, also known as the.38 Super Police.

(17) The serial number for 17094 is shown for both years and the production totals for both years include a unit for this serial number.

(18) Note on original beside "Face Lift" says "Was Maverick".

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