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Season 2, Episode 12January 21, 1998When Floyd's TV commercial airs at AM, T. (Tahj Mowry) sneaks in the station and repositions it---during the Super Bowl. (Tahj Mowry) decides to start his own newspaper in direct competition with Yvette, who's editor of the school paper. Borden was a seminal instance of jury nullification. ") We'll say she done it, but the jury didn't give a hoot. That will butress our postulation that Massachussetts v. Season 2, Episode 20May 6, 1998When Mo (Omar Gooding) stays with the Hendersons, it causes problems between T. (Tahj Mowry) finds a surrogate parent in a new teacher; Marcus and Mo are photographed for a fashion magazine---against their wishes. J.'s work-study assignment lands him a job as consultant for a high-tech company. Season 2, Episode 3September 24, 1997When the basketball coach quits in the middle of a game, the team must come up with another coach or forfeit---so T.

Season 2, Episode 9November 12, 1997To discourage an obnoxious suitor (Arvie Lowe), Yvette pretends to be Mo's girlfriend; Floyd teaches Marcus a life lesson. Older brother Marcus Henderson, the suave and underachieving middle child, also deals with teenage problems, such as finding a date and doing homework (though he sometimes tries to get T. Although they have some tense moments, it is obvious that the two brothers – who share a bedroom throughout the series – care for each other deeply. Despite this, Floyd seems to genuinely care about Mo and, as seen in "Diary of a Mad Schoolgirl", shares with him a passion for barbecuing.Mo all but lives at the Henderson's house and hates eating at his own house (having once chipped a tooth while eating oatmeal cooked by his mother, as he notes in the opening scene of "Get a Job"). falls for a girl at the arcade but falls short in the style department, so he tries a new look but his dad does not approve. Season 2, Episode 15February 11, 1998When the star player (Coby Bell) of the basketball team is in danger of flunking out, T.

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