Slow dating events

Tonight, I spent my evening speed dating in Clapham.

I chose Clapham because it’s an area of London where a lot of my friends live.

The next day at work, I delighted my male colleagues (all of whom know how to speak to women, and have no issues making eye-contact) by describing the evening as ‘community service’!

The area is prime milk-round territory – a step into the city after university.

And whilst I’ve never had the pleasure of living there, or even going for a night out in Clapham, the bars and clubs are infamous. It was in Reading, home of the Microsoft headquarters, and unsurprisingly the event was full of the IT Crowd. I spent a painful two hours being overly polite to complete strangers who wouldn’t even look me in the eye!

None of the three friends who volunteered to join me knew each other.

One of my closest female friends was keen, but didn’t book her place in time.

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