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In short, Rosebery is a fusion between Simgirls and GTA.

The player starts the game as an 18 year old arriving on a remote island.

Like the old Simgirls, it will be an open end simulator with lots of freedom for the players to choose their own paths and endings, and yet at the same time, there will be a lot of J-RPG elements like a compelling storyline filled with adventures and memorable characters.

In short, Rosebery is a fusion between Simgirls and GTA. It took the original concept, some proven and popular elements of the old game, and rebuild a new modern game from scratch.

The player will be able to start random fights, destroy objects, sell substances and engage in protection racketeering.

Though, if you get caught by teachers or security, you will face punishment.

From what I've heard, the author claimed that another game called "Ganguro Girls" which has similar style, interfaces and ideas from his game.

In addition, in constrat to his free version, Ganguro Girls was offered the full game for a price. But the execution is a little in the earlier days of the Internet Wow, what I'm pretty sure I would be laughed at by internet elites for considering 1996 the early days of internet yore, but, The end of 2002 for you, man, really?

Two updated scenes for Tomoko - Birthday night (love hotel route) and Career choice (modeling route). LOVEMORE - from the creator of Simgirls, the most played Dating Sim of all time. International customers please contact Sim Man directly. New Features in 6.6 New interactive main map; players can visit all 23 major locations appeared in the game. It is like a mini version of the mega-playboy ending. In another scene, Junta will finally get to play a role. New minimalist interface design: clean, easy to read, unisex, no more unnecessary information, no more over-the-top decorations. A re-designed talk feature with girls at school; knowledge level will play a big role this time. See a comparison below : D A new hidden Xmas Eve scene on Day 50.Under the guise of a fun and promiscuous campus life, there exists secret cults, deranged masterminds and a thriving underworld trying to make their fantasies become reality.As you meet the many colorful characters and solve myriads of mysterious, the world of Rosebery opens up to a gang war that threatens your love life.

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