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While some of these stereotypes are obvious, others may go over the head of younger viewers -- as will many of the innuendos.

" /Though the show clearly puts a strong emphasis on the importance of family, it also has some strong racial, ethnic, and gender stereotypes (although many of the references will likely go over younger viewers' head). Frequent innuendo and references to sexual activity, but much will go over the head of younger viewers.

Even before he was able to catch the eyes of the world, Shawn Wayans had had a good run with his siblings who are also in the entertainment business.

He wrote: "Show of hands who wants to see the sequel to this?

Being involved in different things, it is expected that the actor will have a fat Net Worth.

Well unless million is not large enough before you, then you will agree he is rich.

Even though his best works are arguably from the 1990s till the 2000s, he has still done some great stuff since that period. The actor has three kids; Laila, Illia and a son Marlon whom he named after his brother.

His works include With the kind of family Shawn came from as well as the seeming togetherness and happiness that he shares with his siblings, you would expect that he takes family more serious than every other thing. According to him, his decision to name his son after his brother was as a result of a promise he had had with his brother when both men were little.

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