Hence, they book a call girl for the full night service.

Soon, she comes secretly to the hostel and she looks stunning in her bum shorts.

There are countless couples scattered across Europe who succeed in maintaining their relationship and keeping intimacy alive, although studies or work have put them hundreds of kilometres apart.

Shut the curtains, dim the lights, put on some skimpy lingerie - and log on.: Firstly, tell us about your relationship and why you're going long-distance.

We were just casually talking via Skype and the video call just turned into a sex video call.

I guess my boyfriend suggested it and it went very smoothly.

When it comes to sexual satisfaction so much lies in knowing what works for you. So it might take a bit longer, yes, than if you were with him. Michelle: Yes, the only thing is that you have to mind the neighbours and the people you live with.

: Do you and/or your boyfriend use "manual labour" or toys to satisfy yourselves? I imagine that getting walked in on isn't very pleasant.

Lianna: We actually started having online sex last summer, so quite early.: Do you have scheduled dates or does it happen spontaneously?Michelle: We have scheduled online dates to talk, but the sex part always happens spontaneously.You have a very big responsibility in the session yourself.Obviously if you don't feel it you won't be satisfied.

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