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[Although she said "there's no one else," she had been unfaithful to him for over a year before the announced breakup.] Then, his trembling voice whimpered: "Would you like to pick out the outfit that you break up with me in?

" In a montage of one-night stands, Peter was seen having sex with various women (including Spanish Sex Girl (Carla Alapont) who was miffed about him forgetting her name), after a pediatrician told him that he should sleep with as many women as possible to get over his ex-girlfriend ("F--k everything that moves").

Still pining over Sarah and attempting to forget her about three weeks later, Peter took a Hawaiian vacation to the island of Oahu, where as he arrived at the hotel, he noticed that Sarah was also vacationing there with her new tattooed boyfriend - repugnant, sex-crazed, hip-thrusting English rock-star Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) (with genital herpes) in a band named Infant Sorrow.

When Peter first saw her in the lobby, he quipped about why he was there: "I came here to murder you." He found some comfort when sweet, flirtatious and sympathetic hotel receptionist-clerk Rachel Jansen (Mila Kunis) offered him four nights in the expensive Kapua suite.

As he walked on the hotel grounds, he saw Aldous and Sarah on their outdoor lanai, and told his male friend on the phone: "I just saw Sarah, and I'm pretty sure I just ruined her day." Little did he know that a few moments later, they were making energetic love together in their bedroom: As Peter became more infatuated with Rachel (and went to a beach party with her), Sarah inevitably felt some jealousy as her own relationship with Aldous was beginning to fall apart.

In one of the more comic scenes, the two couples had dinner together where part of the discussion was about one of Sarah's films in which people were killed by mobile phones.

Partners included frequent trysts with Alex (David Vert) and Barcelonian Hassan (Pedro Gutierrez). After she became pregnant, he became psychopathic and abusive, and ran off with her money, so she aborted and returned to her liberated lifestyle.

A sidereal trip that takes me to infinity." She also thought to herself about the many men with whom she had sex, including Alex: I think that's my problem. She suffered the conjugal loss of her virginity to her loathsome husband (with his sole contractual intention to produce a male heir) who complained as she undressed in front of him for the first time, and took scissors to her bodice: She was experimentally initiated into the art of pleasurable love-making in a seductive Sapphic scene with her personal friend/divorcee Lady Elizabeth 'Bess' Foster (Hayley Atwell), who soon betrayed her trust and became her husband's live-in mistress. I'm in charge of it all." After the confrontation, the Duke forcibly and angrily raped Georgiana as she screamed out: "Get off... " - it was the one act of sexual intercourse that produced a boy between them ("Success at last").

" He dropped his towel and spent long minutes exposed to her and pleading.

When she asked him to get dressed, he refused, claiming: "I know what that means. " She claimed that they had been growing apart for some time, and leading different lives.

As he stroked between her breasts, he told her: He also told her: "And you have a beautiful face I can't stop looking at." She admitted to him that she had slept with only five others ("they were boys"), and that the most extreme sexual thing she had ever done was go to bed with two guys together.

When asked, he declared: "A future with you scares me," but his desires for her turned possessive, jealous and obsessive.

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  1. I mean, a guy with whom you are totally compatible, a guy with whom you share so many interests, a guy who can listen to you ranting at 3 AM can be nothing less than perfection.