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A side-scroller with wonderful controls and an addictive gameplay.

Gun Z Dash is an endless side-scroller where the only thing you need to do is try to survive.

Slide and jump by pressing the bottom side buttons, trying to exercise your reflexes and ex…. Vodafone Message connects users with a multimedia messaging service, including the ability to attach photos, videos, voice notes, location, audio clips, and more. You may agree that's not as easy as it sounds to meet new people and to find dates nowadays.

You can send messages to any contacts in your phone, even if they don't have the app installed, and it will work from any phone and over any network. Hopefully, technology comes to the rescue once again. First off, you need to create an account or get access by Facebook Connect.

LOVOO is a social dating app that makes easy finding people nearby thanks to an accessible platform and a great deal of features. Then, you will have access to a great compilation of different kind of social games: poker rooms, management games, tetris-like games. We Speke Chat is an app for learning languages that includes more that 200 languages and connects with native speakers around the world.

For the homosexual social-beast male, GUYZ - Gay Chat & Gay Dating allows you to create your very own profile, along with your name, birthday, and optional information like your height and weight as well as your photo. After your initial sign in, the data integrates in your maps as any other enhanced reality app.

You can also add pictures of your family members and….

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