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De Andres and Chaves (1) recently reviewed this sub- ject and much of the following information was obtained from that detailed review.

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"Why," said the gangster lo himself, "we can buy short wave sets and tell when the police are after us." But it didn't work out that way. I: with more serious aspects than appear on the surface ts brewing between the broadcasting industry and the music publishers — and.

The underworld forgot that it is ex- tremely difficult to "soup" a safe, lis- ten to a radio, and make a getaway, alt at one and the same time. unless some sort of pact is signed by the National Association of American Broadcasters and the American Society of tjam- poscrs before September 1st, there'll be an embargo on standard music that will constitute a fracture of radio's backbone. (CST) WAAF— Sunday Serenade KVW- Road io Ronaay t NBO WENR— Pop Coneerta.

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The underworld, which for more than a decade has defied all knowa means of suppressing crime, has found its master at last — in the swift radio-equipped squad cars. tboutd not exceed (illy words It must bt accom- panied by tbe name of the person uio made it, tbe exact time it was beard, and tbe sta- tion Itom vihicb It was beard. (CST) WENR— Catholic Program t NBO WGIf — B Ernie Ciitninins' Orchestra WAAF— In Old Vienaa VJSi C — ^Neii:hbarlioarocraai WAAF— Sonfs of the tslaodi WJKS — Norman Care's Orchestra and Three Ituddics P.

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