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Viewing and sharing sexual content is becoming the norm – as has hiding it from parents.

The acronyms NIFOC (naked in front of computer), GNOC (get naked on camera), NP4NP (naked pic for naked pic) and POS (parent over shoulder) need no explanation to anyone in their teens or 20s, but may well be a shock to parents such as Sarah.

Our brain’s ‘social-engagement system’ is triggered. This gives a softness and warmth to our eyes and cheeks, making us expressive.Our brains have evolved to give us the best chance of healthy relationships when we spend time face to face.We are able to read signals from the other person’s facial expressions, specifically from the area around the cheeks and eyes.These days, the internet, the smartphone, messaging and Skype have turned that millennia-old dynamic on its head.Sex was supposed to be the last domino to fall after a long social ritual, not the way to say hello.

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