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After the incident, the woman drove to the Pike County Sheriff’s Office where she reported the assault.

The woman challenged Brody several times during the cross examination as he pointed out the differences in what she told one law enforcement agency the day of the incident with what she said in testimony when questioned earlier in the day by Assistant District Attorney Bill Lisenby Jr.

That woman spent more than four hours on the witness stand, the majority of it under contentious cross examination by Pierson’s attorney, Bernard S. Pierson is facing charges ranging from aggravated sodomy to stalking.

The most serious of the allegations is the aggravated sodomy charge, which under Georgia law carries a minimum punishment of 25 years in prison and a maximum of life, if convicted. Thursday with the woman still on the witness stand under questioning from Pierson’s attorney.

After the deputy ejaculated, his radio went off, the woman testified.

“It is a male-dominated profession,” Brody told the jury.

On the 10-minute video of the first stop, which occurred at p.m., the woman is giggling and flirting with the deputy. It was not just one-sided.” During that stop, Pierson gave the woman a warning ticket for going 68 miles per hour in a 55 zone.

“I was intentionally flirting with the man not to get a ticket,” the woman said under cross examination. After getting the warning ticket, Pierson told the woman he was trying to make her sweat, according to the video.

The flirting continued until the woman noticed the officer’s wedding band.

He then offered for them to meet “unfiltered” off the highway.

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She did not turn down the road he told her to take.

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