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What happens with the letter after you send it When you send your letter to a chosen Russian bride your e-mail message is received in our office in the woman's native city.The same applies if a woman has written you already, though in the latter case you can write a girl back replying to her letter in your Mailbox at 1-st Russian Bride.How to read a letter from a woman When a Russian woman sends you an e-mail through local marriage agency, whether it is her reply to your message or if she writes to you first - the letter arrives in your 1st-russian-bride Inbox on the site and the server automatically sends you a notification to the e-mail address you used when you registered (*you can choose whether you want to get such notifications; **make sure you have correct e-mail address in your profile; ***make sure your email filters are adjusted properly so our messages do not get to your bulk or junk mail folders).The woman's agency receives a standard note with request to show your profile and photo in the catalog to the girl and then inform us whether the woman is interested in you.Within a week you should receive a reply from the lady.

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