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In the 1930s, marriage agencies sprang up to send out English wives to colonials, starved of the company of their female compatriots in far flung outposts of empire.The 1960s saw the advent of Dateline which used primitive personality testing to pair people up.He looked on the net for UK dating sites and found that there were none. Along with IT expert, Andrew Pike, he started Dating Direct.And as people have become ever more accustomed to using the net to find what they want, more and more love seekers signed up to Darren's company.She joined rival sites to Mr Richard's and did not always like what she found, for instance married people looking for dates."A hand should come out of the computer and say 'what do you think you're doing? Medical saleswoman Julia Brocklehurst, 42, who tried online dating after tiring of pubs and clubs has also been disappointed."I wanted to appeal to people like myself, like my friends who couldn't meet people, not because they were social misfits or because they were quiet or shy, but because they were actually spending more time on their careers," Ms Mooney says.

They can choose and be chosen from a selection of literally millions of other singletons.But where there is a problem, there is always a business to sell you a solution.According to recent surveys, no less than two thirds of single people looking for love have signed up to dating agencies.Following two very disheartening experiences with dates from Dating Direct, her verdict is downbeat. " I just think that it's not natural and the more I do it the more of a nasty taste it leaves in my mouth."Internet dating is not for me - in fact, it's crap." Romantically involved But whatever some customers may think, Mr Richards is doing just fine and he hopes for even greater things.

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Their free questionnaire looks at your values, opinions, personality and expectations to produce an in-depth personality report which can help you better understand yourself and how others may see you and allows them to suggest compatible matches for you.

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