Sara bareilles dating felix

I like to put it all out there.’Not that this makes the dark-eyed, statuesque Sara a pushover, as anyone who’s listened to the lyrics of ‘Love Song’ will agree.

I tend to make decisions slowly; I’m a methodical person.

Everyone had a Kate Spade bag, and I’d never even heard of Kate Spade!

You couldn’t have bought a Gucci bag in Eureka even if you were aware that such a thing existed.

If others have compared her to Tori Amos, it’s less for her sound than for the way she lays herself bare on spurned-love songs such as ‘Come Round Soon’ and ‘Love on the Rocks’.

‘The album is a kind of outpouring,’ says Sara, as candid in conversation as her songs would lead you to expect. I don’t believe in being cryptic and concealing things.

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