Rowupdating not handled

Fill(ds, "My Table"); private void da_Fill Error(object sender, Fill Error Event Args e) property can control the action to be taken with the current and remaining rows to be updated after an error; an error can be thrown, the current row can be skipped, or all remaining rows can be skipped by setting the Sql Data Adapter da; // ... Fill Error = new Fill Error Event Handler(da_Fill Error); Data Set ds = new Data Set(); da.Basically the css is working correctly to set the initial look of the button, but nothing is happening when I hover over the button.

I've got a fairly complex calendar i need to have working inside each individual row of the Repeater.

I decided to outsource the snippet to a static resource and call it with the various differences passed in as arguments.

I registered a snippet called "clone"."Live MP" is the model to clone into.

The calendar is set up to fire the following events: On Day Render="Calendar2_Day Render" On Selection Changed="Calendar2_Selection Changed" On Visible Month Changed="Calendar2_Visible Month Changed"My first question is how do i go about handling these... Net can't handle a control that has dynamic data in it inside a itemtemplate.

Anyone know how to do this or do I just need to hand-code my own image tag?

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