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Robbie doesn't do it for me, but he has a good body. What's funny to me is Robbie only came out recently (in the past year or so) but he has this huge circle of out gay friends in Hollywood who are all in entertainment. Find a boyfriend before 30 or learn how to be a really good top." God I love that woman.

This relationship began when Robbie started palling around with Greg and his partner of 12 years, who looks suspiciously like an older version or Robbie.

This is the ex's twitter: The recent tweets between him and Greg seem civil and friendly.

Robbie's been posting pictures with Greg for a couple of months now. Maybe a Cheyenne Jackson type sex tape will leak soon though.

TMZ reports that he's dating Greg Berlanti, creator of Arrow and producer of Brothers & Sisters, Everwood, and Dawson's Creek, among others.

Sources tell us Robbie and Greg began dating sometime around May ...

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