Rihanna is dating who now 2016

Seems there's a pretty good chance she and Chris Brown have a celeb sex tape lying around in a drawer somewhere.

With all the troubles Rihanna has had in the dating world, it's a wonder she hasn't ended up on the list of celebrity sex tapes yet.

Drake and Rihanna’s chemistry-laden relationship has always left fans wondering whether the 6 God and the Barbadian beauty are more than just friends.

However, thanks to two collaborative tracks this year, Aubrey and Robyn have been spending plenty of quality time together — from making surprise appearances at each other’s concerts to sappy social media posts, Drake and Rihanna make a convincing case that their friendship might not be platonic.

“They are slowing things down to make it work, but they are in no way ending things,” the site’s source said of how Drake and Rihanna are trying to make their relationship work.

“They realize what they have is special and want to make sure they do the right things to make it flourish.” Rihanna and Drake are yet to comment on the reports, and are yet to even explicitly confirm that they’re a couple, though the breakup dispel comes just days after fans took to social media to urge Rihanna to stay away from ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, who she dated on and off for six years between 20, now that she’s dating Drake.

Hopefully they'll stay apart for good this time and leave the celeb sex tapes to other less abusive famous people.

Age: 24 Birthplace: Houston, Texas, United States of America Profession: Record producer, Composer Also Ranked #10 on The Best New School Rappers #10 on The Best Houston Rappers #27 on Rappers with the Best Mixtapes, Ranked Rumor has it that Rihanna and Leonardo Di Caprio started dating in 2015.

This unlikely couple have been spotted partying together on several occasions.

The frequent concert cameos were their trick for spending time together while they were both on tour.

But perhaps the strongest confirmation comes from Rihanna herself.

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, and TMZ are reporting the two are official and public now.

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