Puerto rican men dating black women

Although in Rosewood, Morris and Jaina have not officially “hooked up” they flirt with each other in nearly every episode.

It is only a matter of time before they eventually get together. I remember this because I believe it was the first love scene Lopez ever did.

In the film Four Brothers(2005)singer/actor Tyrese was the love interest for Colombian actress Sofia Vergara. He was an Afro-Latin man so I guess that’s why his wife was a Latina right? So this proves my point that this role and many others should go to black women.

I remember thinking they were such an odd pairing when I saw this film. But in the film Tyrese was adopted by an old white woman. But Hollywood wants to erase the image of the black woman.

They want to keep the dark skinned African looking woman away from her rightful place…the black man.

But keeping black men and women separated is what Hollywood does best.

Like I said before,it doesn’t matter what language you speak.

What matters in this world is race,heritage and culture. Some might have a little Africa in their bloodline but they are still NOT black.

I’m talking about these straight haired,light skinned women with obvious European features.

They seem to promote anything that can further divide black me and women. You know how Hollywood likes to show blacks who were raised by whites as “decent negroes”. Annable has a Cuban mother and her father is French/Italian. The First Lady was played by Puerto Rican actress Lisa Vidal. I find this interesting because I remember reading years ago that Honey was a role written for the late r&b singer/actress Aaliyah.

I get the feeling that black people loving each other is their biggest fear. In the show Underwood’s character’s name was Elias Martinez. When she died tragically in a plane crash in 2001…they gave the role to Jessica.

And she also played Will Smith girlfriend in the film Hitch(2005).

In that silly ass comedy Boat Trip(2002), Roselyn Sanchez played the love interest for Cuba Gooding Jr.

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