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I’m planning my wedding, I’m not with any of your girl’s drama.’ So, you’ll see me walk out a lot where I’m like throw my hands up, I’m done.

As for modern kids’ adoration of “Bone,” he said, “I have no idea why that is, other than to say that comics are intuitive.

So I did that for seven years and I just fell in love with entertaining.

After I retired about two years ago, it was all about .

“The readers are suddenly participating in a much different way than they do with abstract words,” he added.

With the state of the economy, coupon clipping is becoming a national sport.

It seems a natural evolution due to our need to purchase items we want at the lowest price point possible.

This need is evident by the rapid popularity of coupons-Frankly, using a coupon while on a date is not an etiquette faux pas.

It’s hard planning a wedding in Mexico and you’re in LA (Los Angeles); it’s not easy.” What can we expect to see on WAGS, Season 2 when it premieres: “Well, the beginning of the season, that’s mostly just the wedding planning and there’s some drama with the girls but I kind of stay out of that this season.

I didn’t want to be involved with any of the drama, I was like ‘I’m focused, it’s my wedding.

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In the reality world, you just have stuff like that but you don’t see the relationship and the struggles we go through [while] dating a professional athlete, whether it be being traded to a different team, the schedule, all that stuff that comes along from dating someone that’s in that world.

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