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The idea of ​drawing the Polish flag on the entire canvas rallied thousands of Polish 4chan users together, and they were able to paint the entire canvas with a red top and white below, with the word "POLSKA" written in the middle.

This coordination devolved into drawball's familiar chaos soon afterward when it was raided by 4chan in order to cover it with a giant swastika.

Controversial rules include the banning and temporary banning of certain jokes and a heavy comment policy which bans the use of any meme (including subtle meme references and even having a meme title for a comic).

Many of the elements that made up the original comics have been carried on in later works.

In similar fashion, many other stereotypes began forming for the various other characters of Polandball.On Reddit is a "subreddit" named eponymously after Polandball.It currently has 180k subscribers around the world, mostly from America and Europe.His work also shares many of the same characteristics of Polandball, like manifesting creativity out of basic stereotypes.His work went viral quickly, and may have become sediment for the first Polandball comics.

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The roots of Polandball can be traced to an event dubbed a 'cyber war' among Polish Internet users in on a website called drawball.com, which occurred in August, 2009.

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