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The more you have to go to the trouble of saying something about yourself or another person, the less real it sounds. Probably the most popular examples of Those Who Doth Protest Too Much are people who keep telling you that they’re ‘honest’, ‘nice’, or even that all of their exes are ‘psychos’.In fact, the more you emphasise a characteristic or quality, the more it begins to sound like convincing and justification. I’m going to tell you straight – I’ve never come across someone who goes on about how honest they are that is actually trustworthy.It’s not even necessarily that they’re shady, but what you learn about them is that instead of being authentic, that it’s very important to them to convince others of who they are.They don’t believe in themselves enough to feel that you’ll ‘get them’ without giving you regular intermissions to push their ‘wares’.The first episode of series two, set to air at 10pm this evening, is set to feature 363 vagina shots and 166 penises - amounting to seven every minute.It will also feature contestants who are transgender and pansexual - who are attracted to others regardless of their gender identity or biological sex.

People who are genuinely nice don’t keep telling you that they’re nice, they just act nice.

Channel 4 said Naked Attraction last year drew an average audience of 1.7 million across five episodes.

A spokesman said: 'In a world where dating is often reduced to swipe left or right this is a light hearted series which aims to demystify the rules of sexual attraction for the Tinder generation.'In an increasingly complicated dating world, some evolutionary psychologists and sexual scientists believe that our bodies alone may still project the best information for us to select a successful partner.'Whilst we are socially conditioned not to judge people on their looks, could reversing the dating process and judging someone purely on their naked form actually offer us the best chance of finding a suitable mate?

It allows potential suitors see each other naked before they actually meet in person.

The first show of series one featured an average of five penises and two vaginas every minute, with a total of 282 shots of male genitalia and 96 female.

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An old colleague of mine would tell stories about exes and each one was written off as a ‘psycho’ – he was protesting too much!

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