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Clifford Coulthard has always known that his people have thousands of years of history in the arid Australian interior.

Or as the Adnyamathanha elder told the Sydney Morning Herald, “Our old people know we’ve been here a long time.” But he wasn’t looking for proof of that when he got out of his car near the Flinders mountain range several years ago. “Nature called, and Cliff walked up this creek bed into this gorge and found this amazing spring surrounded by rock art,” archaeologist Giles Hamm told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Not only do their get their privacy through such portals, but also successfully get partners for extending their relationships into more personal domains.

Remember back when we were kids, our parents tried so hard to potty train us, to make sure we didnt have those public, accidents that would mean a change of clothing?

Well, now its must more accepted as a sexual fetish that is a turn on for many people, both by the ones wearing the wetting knickers to those that enjoy viewing the pissing as its happening.

The archaeologists uncovered 4,300 stone artifacts, more than six pounds of animal bone, emu egg shells, traces of pigments and piles of plant material.

“There is a Eurocentric view that material culture in Australia is quite simplistic and backward, but this helps rewrite that story,” paleoanthropologist Michael Westaway of Griffith University told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

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