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It's been a while since we've done this, and I'm having a slow week.Bear in mind that everything I say is my personal opinion, and does not in any way reflect the opinions of the Peace Corps or the US government.Peace Corps pays official travel and medical expenses, but you are on your own for personal travel.You get 2 days off per month, and can travel and receive guests.Mood disorders generally need to be resolved and stable.That said, a lot can be accommodated- for example, I worked with a volunteer who was blind (and she did great.) The idea is that they just don't want you having a major health crisis somewhere where there are poor health facilities.that would make it look like you are using Peace Corps to run away from things.

You can accept or decline it, but if you decline it you may not be sent another.Countries need to apply for a Peace Corps program, and so Peace Corps is generally a welcomed presence.Peace Corps does not force itself on a country, and doesn't operate where they are not wanted (India, for example, declines to work with Peace Corps.) Peace Corps volunteers are strictly prohibited from getting involved in any intelligence activities- they are even discouraged from casually interacting with embassy officials (a bummer for them, because embassies can be the best source of American food.) There is, I think, a 5 year moratorium before you can even think about applying to a job in intelligence. Feel free to ask anything about my service or the program in general!Some health problems can be accommodated, some can't.A diabetic who needs insulin, for example, probably won't be placed in a remote African village without electricity.

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