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Her "Parks and Rec" character, Ann Perkins, was the object of many a man's affections during her time in Pawnee.But it was a choppy journey toward finally meeting and spawning with Rob Lowe's excitable and exceedingly healthy Chris Traeger.A friend of mine from college received some pretty good news recently. It revolves around the romantic goings-on at the offices of an online dating service.The sitcom comes courtesy of Rashida Jones' company and will likely feature the actress in a prominent role.Rebecca’s coming.’ And then he broke up with me.” – “Relationships are like SCUBA diving. And the reasons why I know this is because I was dating a guy once and we were SCUBA diving and I told him that I loved him underwater and he shot up really fast and got the bends.” – “We could just say screw it and do this thing for real.

When Amy Poehler and Will Arnett announced their divorce last year, it felt like the whole nation mourned in solidarity. Brilliant, kind and hilarious, Amy wins us over without effort. We want nothing more than to see Leslie Knope happy and successful, just as we want to see Ron Swanson miserable and fighting with Tammy I.I've always been a fan of the way she internalized Perkins' insecurities and reflected nervous optimism even during the leanest of times, scriptwise or otherwise.Her character's lackluster last season is emblematic of a show that, while beloved, seems unavoidably on the decline.So I enlisted "Parks and Recreation" star Amy Poehler to pick her favorite moments so far on the series, which I'll offer up in a moment.First, though, I have to give you my own personal favorite, from last week's episode, "The Camel," in which the taciturn head of the parks department, Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman), enjoys his shoeshine a little too much: In a perfect scene, Ron Swanson is frozen at his desk because he sneezed, and April suspects something is wrong.

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