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It will only get harder as the country fills up with foreigners and as the economics change for the better, which means things will get more expensive.

Living away from my family in Panama for so long made me cherish my family a lot more, and now that I’m with them, it’s different.

A lot of expats come here and relish the good, but all they do is complain about the things that don’t seem right.

I see a lot of expats here constantly complaining, but they’re living their life.

But I didn’t come to Panama to find a young and beautiful Panamanian woman. I see a lot of old gringos who are clearly here in Panama for that reason. They’re here in Panama because it’s very affordable, but they’re always complaining about Panama. Those are some things that irritate me as an expat.

I see other expats here in Panama who are enjoying the benefits of being here- the beautiful climate, friendly locals, and having everything as easy going, but as soon as they go to get their cars registered and it takes them half a day whereas in Arizona or wherever they’re from, it would have taken them only 15 minutes, they’d be upset because it took so long.

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