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I have a 1978 Alverez Yairi and it is a phenomenal guitar. They also build guitars for other labels like Alvarez and in the 80-90's for the Irish George Lowden.Yairi is the name of three Japanese luthiers, who build handmade acoustic guitars. (Hiroshi) Yairi is Sadao Yairi's son, and made acoustic guitars under his supervision (and usually signed and/or stamped by S. Sadao was Kazuo Yairi's uncle, the third one who built luthier guitars mostly under his own label K. Yairi is now the name of the top line of Alvarez guitars.

Some manufacturers also worked with other manufacturers to complete their projects.1989-1993 S/N Type 3 F YYPPPP K 026154 Made by Terada factory in 1992, production # 6154.*** The serial numbers were ink-stamped onto silver stickers attached to the backs of the headstocks.In the 1960s and 1980s Sadao Yairi, made guitars under the S. Alvarez Yairi guitars are handmade in the same factory as K.(Kazuo) Yairi guitars and are only sold under the Alvarez name in the United States.

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