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Each comment is clickable, and once clicked, the video will jump to that specific frame.At schools for special needs students, such as The Nexus School, Acclaim has been used to facilitate faculty training.If your child with autism talks, he or she likely has difficulties understanding the words, gestures, and feelings that others are expressing.Take this survey to find out what your child's communication strengths and weaknesses are in each of these categories.

The results will give you a deeper understanding about how he or she thinks and communicates - and guide you with ways to enhance his or her abilities.An innovative series that will help children see past differences, learn acceptance and understanding and the discovery that we’re all pretty much the same at heart.The show’s host, James Sullivan is the script writer, filmmaker and editor.After uploading videos from class time on to Acclaim, faculty and their supervisors can notate and discuss student behaviors and teacher responses.This enables teachers not only to seek guidance and to collaborate, but also to respond to students and to introduce behavioral interventions with perfect timing.

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