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Gregg Sulkin and Bella Thorne had a relatively smooth breakup a year ago and they appear to have remained friends.

The pair last hung out in May and got super close in a pool together, so clearly they still enjoy each other's company.

“If you don’t want to be exposed, stop being so secretive and act normal,” Diaz says.

“Continue on with your day-to-day activities with no interruptions, and she will not become suspicious.

This will leave you with only one option left: to come clean.

Another telltale sign is when you take a shower before engaging your partner, which most likely will clue her in that you’re hiding something, according to Diaz. You Go Off The Grid In a day and age when most people have their phones attached to their hands or only a couple of feet away from them at all times, the moment you become unreachable, stop answering your calls, and send them straight to voicemail, your partner will become suspicious.“They say Valentine’s Day is a great day to catch a cheater.” 6.Integrating Your Mistress Into Your Family Life A friend of Diaz’s caught her now ex cheating on her while she was at work.While that feature may save your life when you’re driving, it can also ruin it if your partner has Siri read her your text messages and there’s one (or several) that will leave you in a compromising position.“This tool holds most of all peoples secrets,” Severson says.

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