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Last Sunday, the blonde beauty posted an Instagram selfie with a friend from the Ducks game against cross town rival the LA Kings.Showing that Christina's still proud to be an Anaheim supporter, the HGTV star tagged the post '#justtwogirlswholovehockey' as well as the funny '#shelikeskings' and '#letsgoducks.'Perhaps Christina is putting her professional life ahead of romance.

Let’s get to know more about Crosby’s lover, shall we?

But according to the source, they had separated for some time in around 2010/2011. Being in a relationship with one of the hot player, wouldn’t you be showing him off around?

However, these love birds couldn’t stay apart from each for long and got together again. But when I think about it again, nope is the answer.

Among them was Emma Slater, a professional dancer on 'Dancing With The Stars', who asked Andrews: 'What?!!!! 'We're brought up thinking our lives are going to be a Taylor Swift song.

Sidney Crosby is one of those many public figures who like to keep their personal life a secret.

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