Mirroring behavior dating

That sets your relationship pace to theirs so they can move along in it comfortably.

Mirroring works amazingly well as a strategy when it comes to texting.

Apply the mirroring technique to texting for a while.

Yes it will be a calculated move on your part and to a certain extent you will be faking it and synching up your texting patterns to theirs on purpose. It’s a great way to see the stark truth of where the relationship is going, and lets you see who is more interested in who.

Once you get your mirroring in synch if you discover this person only wishes to rear up every few weeks then you may have to decide if you want such a loose connection with someone.

It will become clear if all you are is an option to them.

Dating coach experts will tell you that you should be exploring your own options and not waiting around while someone keeps shopping for new partners right under your nose.

One big one is they say you should mirror the amount of effort they put into you.

Only put about as much effort into them as they are putting into you.

This sets a texting tempo that puts you in sync with them. As long as you are texting them with approximate regularity that they initiate text with you, they won’t get annoyed.

The only problem comes when you mirror them in texting and notice that they just aren’t texting you very often at all, if at all.

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If you apply mirroring you are going to become aware of changes or patterns in the texting very quickly.

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