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He was intensely loyal to the South, ''a good old rebel." His wife, a helpmeet in- deed, lived to be nearly ninety years of age, .

He lived and died an honored citizen of that grand old town.

Uncle Hugh was our guar- dian after father's death, and was a second father to us.

They went to Texas abovit 1870, and returned again in a year or two. II.-i, I (first wife), Flora Mc Kethan, married Bembery Colield.

-I, I, Malcolm Mc Neill, Jr., married Chris- tian Norrington.

II.-I, 6 (second wife, 4), Darius Mc Kethan, died, unmarried, in North Carolina, a young man.

II.-I, 5 (second wife, 3), Robert Mc Ketiian, died, unmarried, in Texas, in mature life. (Jack), died unmarried, at the home of his sister, Mrs.

-3, 2, Janet Atkins, married Alexander Mc- Dougald, January i, 1824.

IIT.-3, 4, John Lewis Atkins, married Mary Jane Stewart.

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