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She was also punished in "Silicon Valley Girls" (she was booted out of the student court for failing to enforce the school's dress code when she was appointed student court judge, after Clover was too lenient and showed favoritism towards Sam and Alex).In "Morphing Is Sooo 1987", it is revealed by Alex that Mandy had braces that were taken off in 7th grade.She is also frequently saved by the spies from the villains who have a vendetta against her. It is implied that she does poorly in school as seen in "Dental?In "Baddies on a Blimp" Mandy is mentioned by Blaine after he tells Clover that he had enough of dating L. More Like Mental" and made clear in "Alex Gets Schooled" when it turns out that there was a mix-up at Beverly Hills High, and that the report card containing all F's belonged to her and not Alex, who got As and Bs.Greedy partner nervously damaged by jolly lady in successful online adult chat.Diligent partner enthusiastically bangs with intelligent lover in impolite free adult chat.

They try to kill the spies, but are all easily defeated.At the end of the episode, when she discovers that the girls were spies, she goes back to her usual snobbish self because she believes "friends shouldn't keep secrets from each other" and demands to go back to Malibu University.As the episode was intended to be the series finale, Mandy's memory is not erased, but when the series was given a sixth season, she gets her usual memory wipes. This prompts Clover to take a break of dating her ex-boyfriends in the last part of the episode.In the English version, she is voiced by Jennifer Hale, who also voices Samantha. Mandy's rivalry with Clover is the most pronounced.Although she is not a spy, she has been seen in 4 purple Catsuits in the series ("Clowning Around! They often compete over boys, popularity contests, bragging rights, the latest fashions, and virtually everything else.

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