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Plus, the sizzling chemistry between Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein keeps the dialogue fresh enough to warrant a slap on the cheek.Edelstein talked about Cuddy's sex life, her relationship with House and those racy outfits she loves to wear. everyone went on strike, so we've only got up till Episode 12 in the can, so Cuddy won't be sleeping with House unless we get the writers back. It would be quite something if the two of them got it on!I really am that stupid.‘I can only say I think we’ll have a sense next year at some point,' he added, when asked about when the decision would be made.Edelstein ist die Tochter des jüdischen Ehepaars Alvin und Bonnie The banter between the two of them is one of the best things about the show.

Einige Beispiele dafür sind eine Edel-Prostituierte in The West Wing, eine Transsexuelle in Ally Mc Beal, eine sexbesessene Künstlerin in Frasier und eine jüdisch-orthodoxe Frau, die den Rückhalt ihrer Familie verliert, in Family Law. House has been so busy with his candidates, we haven't gotten as much of Cuddy lately. Lisa Edelstein: It's still pretty much focused on the new team, and it just starts becoming more of the regular construction of the episodes after Episode 9 [airing Nov. Edelstein: I'm all for Cuddy having sex sometime this season, so honk if you want to see my boobs. They don't really tell me anything — they don't want me to get attached to any ideas that might be floating around the writers' It's been hinted in the past that there's some kind of sordid history between Cuddy and House. Yes, there have been ideas tossed around — but I have no idea what actually will or will not happen.Sie wuchs in Boston, Massachusetts auf und studierte Theater an der New York University.Während des Studiums begann auch ihre Karriere als Schauspielerin.

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  1. Americans are bolder beasts and think nothing of meeting for a romantic midday coffee or an afternoon stroll in a scenic graveyard, which is how one of my expat friends spent her first date with her current American squeeze.