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If having a key value of zero is a legitimate requirement, then you can workaround this until we fix the bug by explicitly setting the state (rather than calling @rowanmiller No, id 0 is not a requirement of my software.

I've created this simple example for you to see that the Update method is creating new records.

Use the Update Definition Builder to build the Update Definition.This is exactly a situation that the Q2 2013 release of Open Access ORM is capable of handling for you!Not only that you are able to generate such bulk updates and deletes, but they are made available to you through a convenient, LINQ-like API.Good that it is a Bug and not its correct behavior.I will create a new issue for sure, within some hours.

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For instance: On the other hand, consider a scenario where a maintenance task, a deployment script or just some complex business logic requires changes to be applied not on one, two or three entities, but on ten thousand.

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