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The resulting pronunciation is often the same or nearly the same.

Augustine as AW-guh-steen, aw-GUHS-tin; cuneiform as kyoo-NEE-uh-form('), KYOO-n(ee-)uh-form; Enlil as EN-lil, en-LIL; Gaius as GAY-uhs('), -yuhs.

WORD column: The WORD heading in this chart includes a number of proper names, places, and other words found in various English Bible versions and translations.

Words that are followed by an asterisk* are non-Biblical words found in Bible dictionaries and commentaries, Bible maps, Bible footnotes and marginal references, apocryphal books, historical and archaeological references, and religious literature.

acrostic*, bas-relief*, Coele-Syria*, Epiphanes*, exegesis*, gregale*, hieroglyphic*, Koine*, liturgy*, Masada*, Nero*, ossuary*, patriarch*, sarcophagus*, Tertullian*, Tobit*, Xerxes*.

NW & NOTES column: Bible words from the modern-language Bible, the of 1952, in which the proper names are divided into syllables that are separated by dots or by accent marks (').

fit=474,711"/A Catholic priest questions his faith after a botched exorcism.

The symbol (¶) links to a Web site where an audible pronunciation is available.

A word followed by an asterisk* indicates that the pronunciation is closest to the audio pronunciation in the Ahasuerus, apostatize, Aquila, covetous, Darius, Ebed-melech, grievous, Nabonidus, propitiation, translation, Uzziah, zealous.

NOTE (25 July 2009): has dropped the American Heritage Dictionary reference work that had the audio pronunciations to which many links on this page pointed.

Please excuse the expired links to those audio pronunciations until I replace them.

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