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In case you don’t feel like sifting through a couple hundreds comments, I’d like to bring you up to speed.

According to a member of BA who claims to be close to the situation, Kerry Rhodes is engaged (to a woman) and set to get married this summer.

In fact, because of that outing, am I only one who thought that Sampson’s life would end tragically Mehcad Brooks of “True Blood.” However, this relationship is not a simple moving on from one relationship to another.

Apparently, Sampson allegedly moved to Mehcad to also “serve as his personal assistant” moments after Mehcad’s alleged former assistant Alton allegedly moved on to become Kerry Rhodes’ “personal assistant” and lover.

Listen, I can’t tell you what is true at this point but what I CAN tell you is nice try with this whole “Kerry has a fiance” thing.

If Kerry does plan to marry a beard this June, you guys have got to do a better job of coming up with her background story.

Where is she now when Kerry is in Arizona partying it up with half a dozen women or when he’s at the Lakers’ game with Karina Smirnoff? Was he dating someone else while he was dating her?

A follow-up from our Jason Lisk identified some football reasons that Rhodes may have been out of a job.

For those who haven’t been keeping up with the Kerry Rhodes/Hollywood saga, a lot has been going on.

I do not care how messy he is with the private lives of others…for now.

Since the duo split and Sampson ran out of gas to talk about his affair with Rhodes to Black gossip media, you would think that we would hear the last of him.

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I suggest the whole team sits down and agrees to one story, memorizes it, rehearses it and then comes back to me again.

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