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Without fail, the reaction I always get is, “It is so easy to make my partner happy, if only I had known earlier…” Life is much easier when you know the things that make you and your partner happy.Here is a list of 30 things husbands can do to make their wives happy and 30 things wives can do to make their husbands happy. It is also a bit stereotypical, so feel free to swap items with your partner and do As you can see, there are probably as many items that can be added to these lists as there are couples in the world.Your access to the NCBI website at gov has been temporarily blocked due to a possible misuse/abuse situation involving your site.This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack. If you give the plant water, sun and air, it blossoms.A marriage requires an equal amount of nurturing if it is to blossom.

Most times, many of the items on the list are simple, cheap and even free.

As I have written many times on this blog, in newsletters and said in workshops, for any relationship to be happy, first each party must learn how to be happy individually.

I recommend to all couples that come to me for coaching that they create and then share a list of 50 things that make each one of them happy.

The third is respect, "the ability to see a person as he [or she] is, to be aware of his [or her] unique individuality," and, consequently, wanting that person to "grow and unfold as he [or she] is." These three components all depend upon the fourth, knowledge.

You can care for, respond to, and respect another only as deeply as you know him or her.

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For example, if you want to become more compassionate, thinking compassionate thoughts may be a start, but giving tzedaka (charity) will get you there.

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