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Numerous mutations of the Met ligand in azurins have been studied, but interpretation of the results has been complicated by the presence of the additional carbonyl oxygen ligand from Gly45, a neighbouring residue to the coordinating His46.

The importance of the axial ligand has been further emphasized by the finding that the type 1 centre in Rhus vernicifera stellacyanin, with the lowest redox potential in a type 1 Cu site of 184 m V, has Gln as the axial ligand, whilst fungal laccase and ceruloplasmin, which have redox potentials of 550-800 m V, have a Leu in this position.

vernicifera stellacyanin (redox potential approximately 184 m V) type 1 Cu site, which also lacks the fifth ligand.

Furthermore, the presence of two molecules in the asymmetric unit cell indicates a potential binding region of the redox partners.

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The role of the axial ligand has been extensively debated in terms of its function in the fine tuning of the redox potential and spectroscopic properties of type 1 Cu sites.

First runner-up in the Defne and Muhtar Kent Educational Foundation Prize in Entrepreneurship Barbara Lisa gets her prize from Muhtar Kent: Second runner-up in the Defne and Muhtar Kent Educational Foundation Prize in Entrepreneurship Daniel Ridett gets his prize from Muhtar Kent: And we had a rather large gift for Muhtar Kent to say thanks for his generosity: For all the photos head on over to our Facebook page!

The aim of the workshop is to gather international experts in the field of deep-sea microbiology, and provide the participants the opportunity to present very recent data, and to discuss future cooperative works, in a friendly atmosphere.

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