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No sex before marriage, strict fidelity during dating and, of course, after marriage, betrothal, and so forth; all very orthodox.

He left the church after a lifetime of belonging because he could no longer abide by this strict code of relationship conduct.

My x left the JW's before the childrne and I did, and I was a single mom for 9 years before I was dfed. Yes, now after being 'out' for 3 years has been very challenging, and reading the websites set up by former JW's, how things worked for them when in, you learn over time to think for yourself, and your eyes are opened to realize its not just you who were judged by men.

Not an ex-Jehovah Witness myself, however I do read their literature and have many of their books reaching all the way back to the 1950's. They do put their own slant on the information and sometimes take things out of context and change mainstream Biblical interpretation to substantiate their points of view.Maybe far more than the rest of us who just go to church a couple times a week and don’t attempt to witness to others about our belief because we feel church attendance is enough to do for our faith. I spent years studying with them but never gave myself 100% to it.I decided they are bigots who belong to an entirely different world of thought - their own.Thus if Jehovah God speaks thru the elders, 3 men are on your committee to judge you, and 3 times I was told no, then I finally accepted that God did not want me.Contrary to what I felt and knew in my heart that I was forgiven.

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